Clariti Toric XR 6

6 contact lenses

Name: Clariti Toric XR 6

Type: Monthly Lenses
Manufacturers: Cooper Vision

Clariti Toric XR 6pcs Box healthy monthly lenses.
Thanks to the modern silicone material breathe their eyes up to five times more oxygen. The Clariti Toric XR monthly lenses feel moist and can be worn for a very long time. Clariti Toric XR monthly lenses are characterized by the high oxygen permeability value very well. Clariti Toric XR silicone hydrogel toric lenses correct astigmatism.
Carefree long gestation period possible, comfortable insertion and wearing comfort, very good stabilization, easy to use, optimal oxygen supply, Water content: 56%, silicone hydrogel, protects the eyes against harmful UV-Rays (not as a substitute for sunglasses).

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