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Blink eye drops – refreshment for your eyes, even with contact lenses

At discountlens, you’ll find a wide selection of eye drops from the Blink range of products. You’re sure to find the right solution for you, if your eyes need a little care and refreshing now and again.

Blink Contacts are the universal eye drops from Blink. They act as a calming additional wetting agent with hyaluronic acid, with no preservatives. If your eyes feel dry or irritated, they are ideal for adding freshness and moisture, no matter whether you wear contact lenses, or what material they are made from.

Blink eye drops for the widest possible range of needs

To prevent irritation or tiredness from even appearing, use Blink Intensive Tears. This solution protects the eyes from that feeling of dryness and helps them relax, if they are already irritated. These eye drops mimic the tear liquid, and store moisture in the eye for long-lasting comfort. They have been further developed, as the name suggests, in Blink Intensive Tears Plus. Where the feeling of dry eyes is longer-lasting, they have an even greater effect of moisture addtion, and keep the eyes moist for even longer. In addition, they can be used both during the day and overnight Blink Intensive Triple Action is the very latest innovation in the Intensive product range.

The 3-in-1 solution stabilises the film of tears, which means it can both soothe, provide moisture and protect. It ensures a long-lasting feeling to care for your eyes. All the Blink eye drops above are also suitable for contact lens wearers and can even be used while wearing lenses. However, if you want a solution specially designed for contact lenses Blink n Clean eye drops are just right for you. They clean your lenses while you’re wearing them, and remove deposits. In addition, they refresh the film of moisture on the lens. This means they not only ensure clean lenses, they are also more pleasant to wear.

Blink’s care alternative to eye drops

New contact lens users often have problems using eye drops properly. If you can’t quite manage a drop in the eye, or you don’t like it, Blink has some perfect alternatives for you.

One is the Blink Refreshing Eye Spray. It sprays a fine mist aimed at the eye from the side, and so it is automatically spread more quickly. Scent-free, pH neutral and biocompatible, it is particularly gentle, yet is as effective as the renowned Blink eye drops. Blink Lid-Clean cleaning wipes are the simplest, most gentle option. You can use them to simply wipe off secretions in and around the eyes. They also add moisture and so are particularly gentle.