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I NEED YOU reading glasses

Time for reading glasses?

The elasticity of the eye?s lenses starts to decline after around the age of 40. This means the eye can?t adjust to different distances so well, and reading text close up is more difficult - common sight issues related to age. Words which are held closer than the normal reading distance of around 35 cm become unclear, and the process of stretching out an arm to move it further away starts. If you recognise that, then it?s time for reading glasses!

About I NEED YOU ? the reading glasses brand with the blue hand

Reading glasses were never respected for their design. Most glasses wearers only know one kind of ready-made reading glasses which seem to be available in stores: Simple, practical, cheap ? and ugly. Sabine and Uwe Gellermann also came to this conclusion in 1993.

They decided to create ready-made glasses which would not only help age-related sight issues and were practical and inexpensive, but which you would also be happy to wear publicly as a beautiful accessory. As approved opticians, they had exactly the right specialist knowledge, as well as the patient experience, so they founded I NEED YOU.

Today, the Hamburg-based company has expanded successfully beyond the German-speaking world and is now represented in 30,000 stores in 65 countries. As well as ready-made reading glasses, the brand with the blue hand also sells glasses lenses and other accessories for all aspects of sight.

They guarantee consistently high-quality products and great prices ? but I NEED YOU is also know for its huge range of designs. Every possible shape, colour and style is covered, so you?re sure to find the right model. Classic, unusual, big, small, round, square ? order the right reading glasses for you now at discountlens!