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Clariti monthly lenses - the perfect lenses for beginners and switchers

Monthly lenses are the perfect replacement for glasses. Unlike daily lenses, which are more suitable for occasional users, a monthly lens can be used for a whole month, and only disposed of after this period. This makes them considerably more environmentally friendly than the one-day version. If you would like to switch to monthly lenses, or you are just starting to use contact lenses, you really should try Clariti monthly lenses.

Clariti monthly lenses are silicone hydrogel lenses made from Somofilcon A. Silicone hydrogel facilitates a natural feel during use, as it is very similar to the eye’s own material. It is not recognised as a foreign body, and the eye does not take any defensive action, which delivers high occasional tolerability. It is also known for its very high oxygen permeability, which allows the eye to “breathe” naturally.

Combined with their relatively high water content of 58%, Clariti monthly lenses are pleasant to wear, all day in fact. A patented manufacturing process delivers a particularly thin edge, which means the soft lens is not noticeable or disruptive in the eye when blinking or closing.

In addition, various monomers guarantee continuous, mild wetting of the lens surface, so they do not become dry or irritating. Finally, an integrated UV filter protects the eye from harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight and so promote eye health.

Different version of Clariti monthly lenses for particular sight problems

As well as short or long-sightedness, many people also corneal curvature. To correct the effects of this problem, also known as astigmatism Clariti make toric monthly lenses Clariti Toric and Clariti Toric XR both do this and offer the same benefits as the whole range. Clariti Multifocals are varifocal lenses. They correct the effects of combined sight issues, above all in cases of presbyopia. Order the perfect version of monthly Clariti monthly lenses for you at discountlens. at the best possible offer prices!

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