Optifree Replenish 90ml Travel Pack

90ml, Lens Case

The manufacturer is currently unable to deliver this item until the end of September 2018. We recommend to switch to the OptiFree PureMoist Travelpack 90ml for a FAST DELIVERY, click on the alternative product below and order now.

Name: Optifree Replenish 90ml Travel Pack

Type: Opti-Free
Manufacturers: Alcon

Alcon's Opti Free RepleniSH care product contains a modern active ingredient formula called TearGlyde. This combines synergistically with the contact lens wearer's tear fluids, ensuring the wearer's eyes and lenses are constantly provided with a sufficient supply of moisture.
Opti Free RepleniSH is a multifunctional solution that looks after all soft contact lenses reliably and cleanses them thoroughly, including those made from silicone hydrogel materials.
One container is included.

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