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Care products for your contact lenses from ReNu

As the name all-in-one suggests, these solutions are the jack-of-all-trades in the world of contact lens care products. They are also known as combi solutions, as they combine the properties of various lens care solutions. For one, this fluid is suitable for storing contact lenses, and rinse off coarse dirt or other solutions. Otherwise, a separate saline solution would be used for these two processes.

For thorough cleaning and disinfection, a peroxide system, would be used, but a deep-cleaning effect can be achieved by using an all-in-one solution. The only care product that is missing is eye drops and you can probably guess: You can also do without these thanks to ReNu, if you don?t suffer from particularly dry eyes. ReNu provides at least the normal moisture distributing effect, and naturally also the wetting effect lenses require. At the same time, a bottle does not cost much more than one of the separate solutions. So when you buy ReNu, you really are getting ?all in one?!

Our range of ReNu contact lens care products

At discountlens, you?ll find the two main ranges of ReNu solutions, MPS (Multipurpose Solution) and MultiPlus. For more information on these two ranges and how to use them correctly, please go to the product page We stock both the ranges in the standard size of 360ml, as well as these bottles in a twin pack and six pack. MultiPlus also comes in a ?flight pack? of two 60ml bottles, with an accompanying storage bag. Order the right product for you in the right size at discountlens, at the best deal prices!

You?ll find the following ReNu all-in-one solutions in our store: ? ReNu MPS: Particularly gentle cleaning, easy to tolerate ? ReNu MultiPlus: Particularly thorough, hygienic cleaning