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Lens Plus Saline Solutions

Lens Plus saline solution “OcuPure” – the perfect solution for sensitive eyes

Saline solution from Lens Plus – and other brands – generally come in larger bottles which can then be used for a longer period. To achieve this longer shelf-life, preservatives are used in most solutions. However, these can lead to irritation in contact lens users with sensitive eyes or allergy sufferers. Lens Plus uses sophisticated technology to preserve OcuPure yet still be gentle on sensitive eyes. Thanks to “photo transformation”, the preservative becomes tear liquid as soon as it comes out of the bottle. This is due to natural light which breaks the active agents in the preservative down into their neutral components. To stop this happening earlier, the green bottle is fitted with a light blocker. This preserves the solution and even sensitive eyes can enjoy optimal comfort.

Lens Plus saline solution – tears in a bottle?

If saline solutions sometimes promise tears in a bottle, you might wonder what they’re taking about, but that’s really what they are. They consist mainly of distilled, sterile water and sodium chloride, so they are extremely similar to tears.

This means they can be used as a neutral basis for any kind of eye care - and they really should be! Normal water, such as mains or mineral water, may contain impurities which don’t harm the body when you drink them, but they are very harmful for the eyes. Despite cleaning and storage solution, it always make sense to have a Lens Plus saline solution to hand to care for your contact lenses. Saline solution is used very often to rinse contact lenses before and after use, as well as after a full clean.

Lens Plus saline solution can also be used to store lenses in their case, if the storage period is not too long. The only thing a saline solution cannot do is disinfect lenses. You can use them to rinse off dirt, but heavier deposits and germs are not removed at the same time.

Special deep cleaners such as peroxide systems are designed for this. You can also use saline solutions to remove all deposits from your contact lenses if you use special protein removal tablets. At discountlens, for example, we stock Ultrazyme which, like Lens Plus, is produced by Abbott Medical Optics and so compliments it perfectly.