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Two-Weekly Contact Lenses

Wide, varied range of 14-day lenses at discountlens

As an alternative to classic daily lenses or monthly lenses, at discountlens we also offer a wide range of practical 14-day lenses. Explore our wide range and discover the incomparable quality of our branded products for yourself.

14-day lenses have many advantages

As the name suggests, 14-day lenses are contact lenses which can be worn all day, for a period of 2 weeks. Just like monthly lenses or daily lenses, they are also used to correct long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism. But compared to daily lenses, they don?t have to be changed as often, which means fewer lenses are required. This means they are a particularly environmentally friendly option. The advantage compared to monthly lenses is that the risk of eye inflammation dues to deposits of dirt such as make-up or other foreign bodies is lower with 14-day lenses.

However, thorough care and cleaning should not be neglected when it comes to 14-day lenses. Ideally, they should be cleaned every day, by putting them into a saline solution every night, or in an ?all-in-one? solution. Not only do these liquids ensure that the lenses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, they also keep the lenses moist which, above all, makes them gentle on sensitive eyes.

Order the right 14-day lenses quickly and easily online

No matter what strength you need or the nature of your vision problem, you?ll find different pack sizes in our range too. 14-day lenses are suitable for long-term users as well as occasional wearers, who need lenses for a one-off purpose such as a holiday or another event over several days. To ensure the highest possible level of comfort with this type of contact lenses, we pay particular attention to high quality standards with regard to our products. So we stand by well-known products such as 14-day lenses from Acuvue.

Order the right 14-day lenses for you today, or get in touch by phone or email if you have any other questions.